Friends and Family Gatherings

Want to rent the cabins for a group get-together, eco-friendly vacation, reunion, or fun weekend getaway with friends or family? Let Skadi Wilderness Adventures provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to relax and enjoy some quality time in the Canadian Rockies. We can offer a variety of outdoor activities for all ages and ability levels or simply provide the accommodation and food.

Why Book with Us

Marla has spent many years working with the Canadian government and the United Nations in insecure environments overseas. She has lived and worked extensively in unique environments in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia and has extensive survival training and experience in hostile and unstable environments where she has delivered aid, undertaken conflict analyses and designed conflict prevention programmes. Advanced preparation is the best way to ensure a problem free adventure for all Skadi Wilderness Adventure clients regardless of age or ability. Her never-ending sense of curiosity and wonder provides the fuel for her continued adventuring in the Rockies and as a native Albertan, she is concerned with maintaining, preserving and sharing the natural beauty of this unique space for generations to come.

First as a Combat Engineer, then as a Bomb Disposal Operator and later a member of UK Commando and Special Forces, Chris learned his skills in the conflict areas of the world. Later joining the United Nations (UN) he successfully set up diverse demining and security programs across the world and has been formally recognized for his ability to stay and deliver in hazardous areas and hostile environments. Along with several military and UN operational citations, praising his “leadership, professionalism and integrity” Chris has been decorated with the Military Cross (MC) for conspicuous bravery under fire, the UK Government recognized his work by appointment as Member of the British Empire (MBE) and the UN awarded him the prestigious Nansen Refugee Award for his “vision and leadership”.

Chris has spent all his life in “someone else’s mountains” and is now happy to be at home and able to share his skills with others, in the Rocky Mountain wilderness and backcountry.

Corporate Groups

Our experience in establishing and managing teams, threat assessment, risk management, decision making and team building in hazardous areas has been learned the hard way in conflict areas worldwide. Let us share these stories with your business team to add a very unique, motivating perspective. We can take your team out for a backcountry-based activity or we can come to you and run an inspiring, fun and insightful activity or talk in your conference room. Whatever your choice, we will provide a unique and positive corporate team-building experience.

Military and Law Enforcement

We offer skills and adventure training services for military and law enforcement organizations. The wilderness backcountry around Nordegg provides an excellent hostile environment and wilderness survival training ground for officers and first responders preparing to undertake missions in hazardous or remote terrain. This, combined with our experience and firsthand knowledge of delivering services in international conflict areas, makes an excellent training environment.

Humanitarian Aid Organizations

Skadi Wilderness Adventures can provide a comprehensive range of risk management services for individuals or organizations deploying or operating in a hazardous or hostile armed conflict environments. Our services reflect the field experience and qualifications we have earned over many years of active practice. Our goal is to help you deliver your services with an improved degree of personal and organizational safety and confidence. We work with you to improve field program delivery and to have a greater humanitarian, development or stabilizing impact on the affected communities with whom you work.

We can deliver the following services:

  • Hazardous Environment Awareness Training courses
  • Landmine and Explosive Remnants of War Risk Education and Safety Awareness courses
  • Conflict and Stakeholder Analysis and Program Design
  • Third party Evaluations and Quality Assurance programs

Commercial and International Organizations

Skadi Wilderness Adventures can assist commercial organizations operating overseas in hazardous and/or hostile armed conflict environments, to develop appropriate governance, threat mitigation and duty-of-care processes. We can advise during policy or program development, provide expertise in the field and specific security training, both in and out of country.

Services may include:

  • Land mine, Ammunition and Explosive Remnants of War: Risk Education, Survey, Threat Assessment
  • International Mine Action Standards training
  • In-country Risk Assessments, Threat Analysis and provision of Personal Security Services
  • Design and deliver training exercises intended to prove or improve your existing systems

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and let SKADI WILDERNESS ADVENTURES design and implement a program tailored to your specific requirements and objectives.